December 14, 2010

And sometimes that's how it is

It has been a busy week. I prepped for a sweet, little girl's 3rd birthday party (that really went off without a hitch) and then took a day off of work to spend with her on her actual birthday yesterday.

This child was thrilled! It snowed on her birthday!

We had a cowgirl theme birthday party gone plain due to last minute procrastination planning, but it still turned out great. I even made her entire birthday cake from scratch and it turned out so good.

Yesterday we went to the aquarium. She had a ton of fun seeing all of the fish, turtles, otters and seals. She even got to pet horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs in a touch tank.

Then we went out for lunch and she experienced her first time being sang to by the waiters/waitresses. Free ice cream with sprinkles was pretty neat, too.

So, we have been busy this week! And I have been so tired and trying to catch back up with work. It's almost Christmas and we've barely put a dent into our shopping. The list of things to do just keeps getting longer this time of year. Sometimes being on the adult side of things isn't all that fun. I wish I could be 3 again.

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