December 17, 2010

You stuck your finger where?

I got my hair permed on Wednesday night. A little time to myself to be a grown up. A little time to myself to do something on my own. A little time to go crazy with my hair.

It's interesting. This hair of mine. I have thin hair, but I have a lot of thin hair. So, I got my full head of hair curled. Permanently. Until it grows out.

I wasn't scared. Not one bit.

In high school, I got my first perm when I was either 14 or 15. I remember my first perm wasn't exactly what I envisioned. I'd never had one before, so no one was really sure how my hair would react. Well, my hair doesn't hold a spiral curl. I know that for a fact. Who knows how much perm solution that would take. Also, I was young and I didn't care about my hair the way I do now, 10 years later. I remember that school picture that year. Yikes.

Then I got my second perm when I was 17. Just in time for my senior pictures. Those were my favorite pictures. They turned out so well and I loved my hair. So, that totally made up for the jacked up first perm syndrome I had. I took much better care of my hair and you could tell.

Then I forgot about perms until after I had Morgen. A month after Morgen was born I went to get another perm. It turned out great and I loved my hair for a few months. Then I cut it all off. I have a horrible habit of taking stress out on my hair. It has been every color and cut imaginable.

If I'm bald one day, please refer me back to this post. Thanks.

So, it's been almost 3 years since I last had a perm. I made a good decision. I like it a lot. It looks good on me. And I will admit that Thursday I kept waiting for someone to ask me if I'd stuck my finger in an electrical socket. It never happened. I'm very relieved.

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  1. Oh we need a photo! I"ve been tempted to get a body wave. I had perms as a little girl- my grandmother would do them! OH that smell!