December 17, 2010

An Etsy Christmas wish list

This year I asked for gifts that didn't require much thought. We really need a new set of dishes, another set of sheets, simple things like that. I always ask for something that can benefit us as a family. I never seem to ask for something just for myself. It doesn't seem right. Maybe it's because I'm an adult. Maybe it's because I really, subconsciously know that I don't need anything.

But, every once in a while I run across stuff that I adore. I'd never ask for it and I'd probably never even buy any of it for myself, but this is a list of things I would want if I thought about just myself for once:

- A beautiful serving bowl to sit on the island in my kitchen.

- Earrings to make me feel elegant.

- This bright, cheerful shirt looks like it's comfy and work casual.

- I really love earrings and I don't have many pairs, but these simple studs would get worn almost every day, I'm sure.

- This wool tote matches my eclectic style. I have been in love with mustard yellow lately.

- Ok, so I guess I like earrings. How about some little sugar drop vintage glass ones?

- I really need something to put all of my jewelry in. I thought this was beautiful.

Maybe some day I will buy one of these items for myself. Maybe not. It is always fun to browse. There is less of a knot in the bottom of my stomach when I browse than when I purchase. Window shopping keeps me out of trouble and helps me spend money on other things. But, that's my Christmas list. If there ever was such a thing.

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