January 19, 2011

House plants

We moved a few months ago into a place of our own. We both came from houses where we lived with our family. I used to have a cat. Kevin used to have to deal with 2 dogs 3 dogs and a cat (they keep multiplying). I got rid of my cat because I felt like I couldn't give her the attention she needed. That's not fair to an animal. I found her a home and I hope she is doing well.

I love animals. Mostly I'm a dog person, but I've had dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, and I think that's about it. Growing up I always had an animal. My mom and dad still have an animal. That's just how it was. Kids love animals. My kids love animals. But, we don't have a pet.

Kevin and I decided that we needed a break from animals. Dealing with 3 hairy, loud labs is enough to drive anyone crazy. They act like kids sometimes, they chase each other, they fight over toys. It's quite comical, but it's not for us. So, we decided no pets. Not even a fish.

We went grocery shopping at Walmart a few weeks ago and we went to the garden center for something completely opposite of what I ended up getting. I picked out a house plant. Now, I'm not super great at watering anything that doesn't signal to me it needs care. But, I'm working on it. I put it in our window in our kitchen so I can see it every day. So far, it's still living. I've watered it once.

Kevin said I was on my own with this one. I hope I don't kill it. Maybe he will let me have a few more if I do a good job. We can slowly work ourselves up to having an animal. I mean, kids are kind of like animals, and the kids are still alive.

*I'm just joking about the kid part. Well, yes, they are still alive. But, we don't treat them like animals or house plants. Just to make that clear.

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