January 7, 2011

Until next time

I'm normally terrible at finding shoes. You would think quite the opposite if you saw how many shoes I had. But, you would also observe that I have a few pairs of shoes that are the same. Just in another color. I have to take full advantage when I find something I like.

Yesterday I went to my favorite store, Target, to look for some inexpensive, flat boots. I only have boots with a heel, and they don't like icy or wet conditions. I'm not a tennis shoe girl, either. My only other option was ballet flats. My feet cringe at the thought of ballet flats on a cold, rainy day.

Well, as hard as it is for me to find and like any pair of shoes, I found some. Within 30 minutes. After I had combed all of the shoes to make sure I knew what options I had. To top it all off, they are kids sized boots. They don't look like a pair of kids shoes at all, but they sure were priced like them.

There are days when I complain about having small feet. They just don't make small shoes for women. It's like small feet are unheard of. But, the one time it pays off makes it all worthwhile. So, I'm back to loving my small feet. At least until the next time I have to look for shoes.

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