February 2, 2011


So, yesterday was the first? I missed it. My life was so full of stuff yesterday that I'm surprised I had time to breathe.

So, today will be my first. Today was the day I flipped my calendar. Actually, today was the day I hung up my new calendar for the year. My 2010 calendar also included January 2011, so I had time to buy a new one. Which was nice, until I remembered that I hadn't bought one. Last Friday. When I frantically ordered one from Amazon. The only good thing about waiting was that it was 50% off.

My mom gave me a little calendar for Christmas. It's a zen calendar. It has peaceful images and words for each month. This month it says calm. I should work on being calm this month.

We dealt with a sick child on Sunday and Monday, so I'm glad she got well and started off the new month right. I'm not even sure what she had, but it wasn't fun because she couldn't keep anything down. Sick kids are so sad, too. Her usual self is running around, talking a mile a minute, telling me everything she knows, doing 10 things at one time. She went from that to laying around and sleeping all day. Complete and total opposite from herself. I would have traded her for that just so I wouldn't have to see her feeling so bad.

So, now that the month has started off busy, but good, I expect it to fly by. Just like every other month seems to do. The years really do pass quickly the older you get. And time always seems to mean more to you year after year. These are the days.

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