February 5, 2011

Joy of Love | Day 5

I am participating in a photography workshop through Willette for the month of February.

It is called The Joy of Love and each day I receive photo prompts and assignments to complete to help me work on my photography and also capture some unique photos of my loved ones.

Day 5: Love To Hate

Joy of Love - Day 5

Some days I really hate the clutter that the kids leave behind. Messy beds, messy floors. They flow so easily from one thing to the next. Probably because they don't bother to put anything away. Ever.

I don't know why we have shelves in their room, because they're always bare. I don't know why I put sheets on the bed, because they are always ripped off. But, it wouldn't be the same if they were as neat and tidy as me. I'd be worried. So, I love their messy personalities. For now.

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