February 4, 2011

Joy of Love | Day 4

I am participating in a photography workshop through Willette for the month of February.

It is called The Joy of Love and each day I receive photo prompts and assignments to complete to help me work on my photography and also capture some unique photos of my loved ones.

Day 4: What They Wear

Joy of Love - Day 4

I always feel like Morgen has a ton of clothes. Mostly because she does. I always have a small stack of clothes that don't really fit her anymore. There is a pile of currently worn clothes that fit perfectly. Then there is a stash of clothes that she will grow in to in a few weeks months. She grows so fast sometimes that I can't keep up, so when someone mistakenly gives her an outfit or shirt that is too big, I don't take it back. I just wait. Because I know she will be wearing it before I even know it.

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