February 3, 2011

Joy of Love | Day 3

I am participating in a photography workshop through Willette for the month of February.

It is called The Joy of Love and each day I receive photo prompts and assignments to complete to help me work on my photography and also capture some unique photos of my loved ones.

Day 3: Then & Now

Joy of Love - Day 3

This photo was taken when Morgen was 5 months old.

Joy of Love - Day 3

We took a weekend vacation to the mountains with my mom to see the caverns. I wore her the whole time.

Joy of Love - Day 3

She knows exactly who is in this picture.

"Momma and baby Morgen!"

And her thoughts about me taking a picture of her holding another picture were "are we done yet?"

I can barely get her to hold still to take a picture let alone try to hold her anymore. 5 months to 3 years makes one BIG difference.

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