February 10, 2011

Precious, precious

This last week has been a hard one. Not directly, but indirectly. The events that have taken place have been fuzzy, but that's because the difficulty of the situation could happen to anyone. At anytime. Including me.

I have a few friends. Although some of those people I am ashamed to call friends because there are times when I distance myself from everyone and everything. Two of those friends were pregnant at the same time. Both due within weeks of each other. They are friends to each other. But, the similarities of their expanding families was not something that was planned.

Two weeks ago my very best friend had her baby. Three days after that my other friend had her baby. Both had girls. They both weighed the same. They were both born during daylight hours. But, that's where the similarities stopped.

The second friends' baby had some complications. She stayed in the hospital. She was transferred to a different hospital to better support her. And then transferred once more. A tiny life putting up an awesomely huge fight. It amazes me how something so small can fight so hard. That's the true power of God.

Everyone was praying for this little girl. Praying to keep her strong. Praying to keep the family strong. Praying that God would intervene and keep this baby breathing. The power of prayer was and still is awesome for this baby and her family.

She fought for six whole days. And then God decided that he had other plans for her.

I continue to pray for my friend and her husband every day. And while I can't fully imagine even the slightest what pain they are going through, I sympathize so much with them. I have a child. And every day that I pray for them, their loss weighs on me more and more. It's so hard to even begin to touch the reason why God had this plan for that baby's life. But, you just have to know that He did it for a reason beyond our control.

I'm hoping today will bring some closure to this difficult week. For them and for me. I don't think I can look at the kids the same anymore, though. I think it will soften my heart with them. I think it will make me even more grateful that I have them. Because not everyone is blessed in the same way as me. Not everyone gets to wish every baby they've had a happy first birthday.

Life is very precious. Please take a moment to pray for my friend's family today.

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