February 2, 2011

Joy of Love | Day 2

{I'm backtracking on some posts, so while the date has been altered, please know you didn't miss something by accident}

I am participating in a photography workshop through Willette for the month of February.

It is called The Joy of Love and each day I receive photo prompts and assignments to complete to help me work on my photography and also capture some unique photos of my loved ones.

Day 2: How They Look

Joy of Love - Day 2

Morgen always seems to have a look of concern about her. She likes to wrinkle her brow, give me a hard stare and concentrate rather hard on whatever she does. I see her make that face all of the time and I wish I could have captured it today. But, she decided to relax, sit back and enjoy me taking pictures this time. She is such a laid back child that just goes with the flow. She doesn't seem to be very structured. Which is good considering most of the time we veer from whatever form of scheduling we try to rely on. Honestly, it was past her bedtime. Not many kids would be sitting this still at the end of the day.

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