November 10, 2010

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Have you ever painted your fingernails and had them looking so good. They were beautiful for that first day. Then you chip one. And you just ignore your hands for the next three weeks and suddenly you look down one day.


That polish is still there!?!

But only you're not at home so you can't go remove it yet. And when you get home you just forget about it until the next day you look down again. And the same. thing. happens. For weeks. So, you end up wearing that horribly chipped nail polish for three more weeks.

Not that I'm like that or anything.


Ok. My whole life is kind of like that. But, that's besides the point.

Is it weird that I reuse plastic utensils? I don't make others do it, like the kids, but I do it and Kevin does it. At work. Trying to be resourceful, I suppose.

This is a random, running together of stories and thoughts, but we bought a desk last night from a thrift store. It is going to get a new coat of paint. If I can think of a color. Do you know how hard it is to chose a paint color? Because there are MILLIONS to choose from.

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