November 15, 2010

Every memory imaginable

I love photography so much. I was reminded of that just a little bit ago as I looked at my Ansel Adams calendar hanging above my desk. I love the photography he did, even if it was in black and white.

It makes me wonder what all of those scenes looked like in color. I would imagine they'd take your breathe away. Considering the colorless versions almost do.

My favorite photos of his are the ones involving snow. Stark, white snow. There is no mistaking it in any of his photos.

I want my photos to be remembered. Not for their quality or clarity, but for the odd little moments that I've captured. I like to take photos that catch people off guard. That show their true personality. Not just a smile flashing at the camera. I want to capture the mad, sad, joyful, thankfulness, and so many other emotions. Photos don't all have to be happy, but I do want them to tell a story. Even if it is sad. Because not all memories are happy. There has to be sad and all the other emotions mixed in. That's called life.

I have a Facebook page for my photography. I love every photo that I have posted. Every family that I've had the joy of capturing has made me happy.

And I have no idea how I'm ever going to put a price on what I love doing.

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