November 30, 2010

Running away can be a good thing

I find it very hard to have the right attitude lately. About anything, really. Work, myself, my child, my life. Starting a few months ago, it all began to go downhill. Work is damaging to me. I begin to feel stress before I even sit at my desk. I begin to feel stress while en route to work. Just the thought of it consumes my mind in worry.

I'm also stressed with my health lately. I have been trying to eat better and figure out what is wrong with my stomach, but I just can't narrow it down. Everything I eat makes my stomach knot up. Which makes me not want to eat. Which isn't healthy at all.

I feel a very overwhelming urge to run. Run in a very rough, heavy sort of way. Run like I'm running from someone or something. I just don't have time to do it. Between working long hours, keeping a house and tending to a child, I just don't have time. No time for myself.

I took the day off yesterday. I did one thing for myself. I took my toenail polish off. Normally I am fine with not having time to do anything for myself. I enjoy putting others first. But, lately, I'm screaming at myself on the inside. Screaming at myself to calm down and to take an extra 5 minutes for me. I never listen.

I blog during the day from my phone because I don't have the time or energy at night to do it. It takes me a while. Little 5 minute spurts. I get my point across, though. It all comes together.

Normally, I don't complain about not having any time for me. I love to do stuff for everyone else instead. It makes me happy. But with the stress I have been feeling I haven't had any release and I have noticed how often I don't have time for myself.

I just really want time to run. To breathe in the cold air. To feel the cold wind on my cheeks. To let go of frustrations. It would be so nice.

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